Choose the Essentials subscription to fulfil all of your basic bookkeeping and payroll requirements



Using award winning software to manage the income tax liability of your employees, including both employees and employers (eers and ers) NIC’s along with auto enrolment.

Supply us with your unique tax office references (UTR), employee details, along with their gross salary figure (weekly, monthly or four weekly) and we’ll do the payroll calculations and submit them to HMRC.

You’ll receive an email from us with PDF wage slips for you to print and distribute to your staff and payroll reports to assist with budgeting.



Digitised accounts
Using Sage accounting, DMS will create digital accounts for you. 

Posting all business bank transactions
DMS will post all of your payments and receipts for all of your business accounts including PayPal, credit card receipts and cash.

Reconcile all business accounts
By supplying us with regular statements DMS will reconcile your bank, credit card, PayPal and cash accounts on a regular basis.

Post all business transactions
Using your paper sales invoices and receipts DMS will catalogue those records into chronological order then digitise them.

Reconcile your bought ledger
From your supplier statements DMS will reconcile your bought ledger on a monthly basis. By doing this we aim to spot any errors and correct them early.

Aged creditors list
Having reconciled your accounts payable invoices DMS will furnish you with a monthly aged creditors list.

Aged debtors list
By digitising all of your sales invoices, to help manage cash flow you will receive a monthly aged debtors list.

Monthly (quarterly) VAT reconciliation
To make sure your sales tax (VAT) records are complete and compliant, using our MTD compliant software DMS will file your VAT return then inform you of any liability or reclaim due.

Complete your payroll journals
From supplied information (if DMS do not manage your payroll) all payroll information is entered onto our system.


Choose the Enterprise subscription and you get all of the features of Essentials 


business health updates including managed aged debtors, aged creditors, MTD, PAYE and auto-enrolment.



Receive all of the benefits of Payroll Essentials but with the added convenience of letting DMS calculate your staff payroll.

Simply email us the supplied timesheet for each of your employees and we will calculate your payroll for you.

Go digital, by supplying us with email contact details for each employee, we will email wage slips, P60’s and if necessary P45’s.

Your sensitive data is safe with us, we are fully compliant with GDPR and never divulge information to third parties. 



Manage your accounts payable
Having reconciled your accounts payable and with access to your business bank DMS will ensure the timely payment of your suppliers.

Manage your accounts receivable
DMS will, on a regular basis, print and mail or email your customers with an accurate and legible invoice. Late payments affect cash flow, to aid with this DMS will issue reminders and chase late payers on a monthly basis.

Manage your TAX liability
Having the ability to make payments from your business bank account DMS will not only file your VAT return but ensure that it is paid on time, thus avoiding penalties.

Manage your wage roll
Not only can DMS manage payroll for you, but we can also issue payments to your staff from your business bank account.

Supply regular management accounts
If information is power then knowing exactly where your business is financially is imperative. With regular management reports you can make better, more informed business decisions.

Liaise with your accountant
We will, at year end (with you permission) supply your accountant with the financial information required to file year end with HRMC.


Choose the Connect subscription and you get all of the features of Essentials and Enterprise


go fully digital with your business records, accessable 24/7 and backed up in the cloud.
Payroll Connect offers a portal for use by employers and employees alike.



Take advantage of a fully managed digital payroll system.

Alongside the benefits of our enterprise package, Payroll Connect offers a fully cloud based portal for use by both you and your employees alike.

Employers can;
.  View employee details
.  View payroll reports
.  Approve or deny leave requests
.  Upload and view HR documents
.  See at a glance what is due to HRMC

Employees can;
.  View their details
.  View payroll reports
.  Request leave
.  View leave requests
.  View HR documents



DMS will install and set up on your IT system your own Sage accounting software.

We offer training sessions to your staff on the correct use of Sage, helping you to get the most out of the software.

Sage cloud not only offers a secure off site backup of your accounts but is linked directly via the cloud to our offices.

You have access to real time and up to date accounting information 24/7.

Worry free maintenance, your software can be set to automatically update. This not only gives you access to the latest version but also guards against a security breach by always having the latest updates installed

Along with saving you time, your sensitive information is secure and backed up in the cloud protecting against ransom ware.

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