Digital Media Screens

Digital Media Screens offer clients a simple and cost effective marketing solution to increase brand awareness, whilst increasing sales at a reduced cost.

Digital Media Screens are a unique signage solution for communicating with both customers and employees alike.  

Digital Media Screens are installed by our technicians within waiting rooms to maximise the audience. The content and play time loop is aligned to the average waiting time, so that waiting customers have the opportunity to see all media content. We use simple technology which operates via a memory chip. There is no need for WiFi or IT infrastructure - all that is required is access to a single socket per screen.

The benefits of advertising on Digital Media Screens include;

  • Focused Advertising
  • Dynamic Media
  • Full Colour Artwork
  • Large Footfall
  • Captive Audience Marketing
  • Cost Effective
  • Flexible Terms
  • Business Literature Displayed
  • Exclusivity

Screens are designed to grab the customer’s attention, increase awareness and influence purchase decisions; often generating sales uplift of associated products and service. The content is fully managed by our team at DMS, our technicians visit each site on a monthly basis to update content and maintain the equipment.

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