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I want DMS to be a place that brings together smart, talented people from a diversity of backgrounds. A place where clients and staff are regarded more as partners rather than a commodity. At DMS we are proactive rather than reactive, driven by productivity goals not profit. During the working day, if thirsty - we drink, if hungry - we eat, if we need time out - we take it. All of us at DMS have an end date for completion of our projects. Being contracted to a project deadline rather than time our staff are free to work when they are most innovative and creative, giving freedom to set their own hours to work on their portfolio. I believe that our work ethic makes for happy staff - happy staff are more productive and produce more innovative and creative communication solutions for our happy client base - happy clients keep coming back for more.

Dean Litherland-Smith Ba(Hons) - founder Digital and Management Services

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   Web design     Digital-Media Screens     Digitally Managed Surveys     Sales

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